How to lock your cabinets without losing your mind

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While parents know the importance and benefits of childproofing, what is often overlooked by them is the annoying nature of child-proof locks for adults. People like to believe that an infant’s abilities are vastly different from an adults, but it seems that adults can also keep children out of cabinets. Parents can choose to prevent their children from getting into toxic chemicals, or to discourage curious toddlers from playing with the flour. There are many options available for childproofing cabinets.

Spring and Release Systems

The most popular and affordable cabinet locks available are spring and release locks. This lock prevents drawers and cabinets from opening beyond a few inches using a hook-like mechanism. These simple devices can be installed with a drill depending on the manufacturer. However, their effectiveness is questionable.

They seem to forget they are there so they open the drawer until it catches and close it. Then they open it again to unlock it each time they need it. The curious toddlers on the other side have a way of breaking off locks and figuring them out. These locks are better at keeping adults out than children.

Knob-to-Knob Latches

This lock is only compatible with cabinets with two doors that have knobs at least four inches apart. These locks can be installed without the use of tools and work well to keep prying hands out of cabinets. They are very effective at preventing adults opening cabinets. A locking mechanism can make a parent desperate for toilet paper insane by refusing to move.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Magnetic cabinet locks, although more costly than other options, are the best for keeping children out of cabinets and preventing them from using the bathroom. This system involves drilling into the cabinets to install a magnet lock. The magnetic key can be used to unlock the cabinet. This type of system is key-dependent, so parents may be able to lock their kitchen cabinets by themselves if they lose the key. If parents are interested in purchasing this system, they might consider investing a little extra money to get an additional key best bluetooth cabinet lock.

Parenting requires that parents deal with minor inconveniences in exchange for a great reward. Safety locks are not only annoying, but they can also be very beneficial in keeping children safe.