Incense Sticks – A Brief Overview

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Natural Incense is crafted from natural components and consists of simplest natural botanicals. Many of the elements also have aromatherapy benefits. The incense may include incense resins from trees and vegetation, however it could also include fragrant herbs, spices, roots and barks. Some blends may also have essential oils delivered in small quantities. In spellcraft, herbs or different botanicals may be brought to ’empower’ the incense for magickal cause. Part of the satisfaction is to make your very own combo.

How to use Natural Incense:

Natural Incense burns on charcoal blocks or discs, it is the oldest manner of burning incense. There are not any chemical components or accelerants to make the incense burn, many manufactured incense cones and sticks may be hectic to the airways, and are not continually ethically made. Many incense sticks and cones are ‘blanks’ which are dipped right into a synthetic fragrance oil.

Incense in its natural form is considered by way of many cultures and faiths to be recovery and sacred. I hope to convey you the nice of all worlds, for delight, meditation, yoga, rite or aromatherapy. All you want is the incense mixture or components of your preference, a heatproof dish referred to as a censer, charcoal discs and some tweezers or tongs to preserve the charcoal as you light it.


Censers may be any heatproof dish, I like to use Cauldrons as they include the warmth extraordinarily properly, and the lid can be used to extinguish the charcoal as required. Ideally the censer ought to be on a heat resistant floor, because the charcoal could make censers particularly warm. Please pick out up warm censers the use of the manage, tongs or tweezers. It is better to fill the censer with sand, ash or earth, as this insulates the bowl, and no longer only enables the charcoal burn more correctly for longer, but it distributes the heat higher too, assisting to defend the bottom of the censer from the heat.

To mild the charcoal disc:

1. Hold the charcoal disc with tweezers or tongs in a naked flame – which include a candle flame. The disc will spit and spark a bit over the surface (please do now not use your fingers as the discs warmness up right away and might motive burns)
2. Place the disc to your heatproof censer or bowl, with the nicely facing upwards, wait a while till the brink of the disc turns gray
three. Now you’re equipped to feature your incense to the centre of the disc. Add a pinch of pure herbal incense, a touch goes a long manner
four. The disc will remain warm and glow for approximately an hour, each pinch of incense will perfume the room for 15-30 minutes