Judy In Disguise (With Diamonds)

For a surprising satire melody, look no farther than Judy in Disguise (with glasses). Indeed, even the band name arouses the creative mind – John Fred and his Playboy Band.On the off chance that you have not speculated, it is a satire of “Lucy overhead with Diamonds” by the Beatles.Unexpectedly, it thumped “Hi, Goodbye” by the Beatles off the Number 1 spot to become Number 1 itself in the US! In the UK, it simply figured out how to get to Number 3 yet was a hit in 42 nations.The tune was written in 1967 by establishing musician, John Fred Gourrier and co-part, Andrew Bernard. It is said that when Fred originally heard the Beatles singing “Lucy overhead With Diamonds” he thought the words were “Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds”. This roused him to compose the tune.

It beat out everyone else in January 1968. Surprising verses situs judi togel incorporate the lines “Cantalope eyes come to me this evening”, “A carnival of a-repulsions” and “Swear on your all that is holy with your live in bra”.

In his initial life, Fred learned at Southeastern Lousiana University on a grant. There he was a star baseball and ball player. He was hitched to Sandra and they had a child. He kicked the bucket in April 2005 when just 63 following a kidney transplantation.

Tragically, Fred and his band were even more a “One Hit Wonder”, despite the fact that they had some progress in the US, their most memorable hit being “Shirley” in 1958. Maybe they were more fruitful at being Playboys.