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When you pass searching for a guinea pig cage, what are the stuff you take into account? Color? Price? An appealing layout? People pick out their cages based upon many exclusive standards. However, there may be one extraordinarily crucial issue that frequently receives unnoticed or disregarded.

The most typically disregarded factor in selecting a guinea pig cage appears to be cage length. Sure, human beings might imagine they observe cage size while buying a cage. But, judging by means of the range of small, “general” puppy store cages nonetheless being bought every year, it’s far clean that human beings do now not in reality observe cage size.

Let’s do some thought experiment. The common guinea pig is ready 9 to fifteen inches in duration. The average peak for a human is more or less five’four” to five’10”. An common pet keep cage is 24-inches by way of 16-inches.

Put your self on your pig’s vicinity. An equivalent size room for you would be approximately eight-ft by 12-ft – the scale of a big lavatory or a small bed room. So, dwelling your complete existence in a big bathroom or small bed room won’t appear horrible – but it might actually be a task to get a giant quantity of exercise in a area that small.

Another associated issue that I’m convinced that humans do no longer bear in mind whilst sizing a cage are the additional accessories that your pig requires – together with a nest box, a meals dish and a hay rack.

So let’s go back to our hypothetical equal room. When we upload a nest container to our pig’s cage, we’re including an item that is perhaps 10 to twelve-inches on each facet. That might be equivalent to building a seven-foot via seven-foot garage shed and setting it our hypothetical equal room with us.

Add a meals dish for your pig’s cage (about 1/2 the scale of your pig) and it is like throwing a kiddie pool – three-toes in diameter within the middle of the floor in our room.

Of direction we’re going to need a water bottle. This would be roughly equal to some thing the size of a warm water heater status within the nook of our equal room.

A hay rack is has a footprint of approximately 4 through seven inches. So including a hay rack to the wall is probably roughly equal to pushing a couple of nightstands up towards one of the partitions in our hypothetical equal room and putting them facet-by using facet.

Does this sound like a lot of lanai screen room? Does it sound like someplace you would love to spend the rest of your life? Let us evaluate.

We start by way of moving into an eight x 12 room – an area kind of the scale of a big bathroom or a small bed room. Next we placed up a 7×7 garage shed inside the corner. This leaves us with an 8-foot via five-foot area in front of the shed and a vain one-foot by seven-foot narrow strip along the facet of the shed.

Then, to make matters worse, we location a 3-foot wading pool, a water heater and nightstands in our closing 8×5 dwelling space. What does this leave us with? We are left with a completely small and cramped place wherein to stay. And, worst of all, our health begins to suffer due to the fact workout becomes a almost not possible task.

When you purchase your subsequent cage, bear in mind the situation out of your pig’s point of view. Look – without a doubt look – at the gap situation dealing with your guinea pig and pick out a cage large sufficient to offer an adequate and comfortable residing area. Over the beyond several years, C&C (Cubes and Coroplast) cages are gaining in reputation for this very cause – they offer a spacious, wholesome environment for a reasonable price. Click on the Link within the resource box beneath for facts on locating a good C&C cage provider.

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